Working with children and young people

We offer a range of onsite programmes on working with children and young people, including reader development, early years library provision and working with teenagers. Programmes can also be tailored further to meet your needs.

  • Early years library provision

    Support for young children and their families is a crucial part of effective and inclusive public library provision. Staff need training to ensure that early years services are appropriate and successful.

  • Reader development

    In this multimedia age, what is the role of libraries in encouraging reading among children and young people, and how can they fulfil it successfully? How can they engage reluctant and less able readers? What about boys’ reading?

  • Working with teenagers in library and information services

    Library provision for teenagers is often regarded as problematic. Yet many libraries have excellent relationships with teenagers and are delivering services that are relevant, innovative and highly valued. Many involve young people directly in decision making. Digital engagement is changing the ways teenagers connect with libraries.