Teaching and learning skills

We offer a range of onsite programmes on teaching and learning skills, including database training, teaching large groups, and delivering effective training sessions. Programmes can also be tailored further to meet your needs.

  • Designing and delivering effective training sessions

    Teaching and training have become an essential part of the library and information worker's life. But many have not been trained in how to do this effectively. This highly practical programme provides library and information workers with the skills they need to design and deliver successful training sessions.

  • E learning to M learning: supporting learning and information literacy

    E-learning already offers many opportunities for supporting students in learning and information literacy, but other new technologies including the use of mobile devices, personal response systems and QR codes are now a key feature.

  • Making database training interesting

    How do you make database training interesting? How do you design sessions so that they interest and engage participants? Can innovative methods be used in database training?

  • Planning and delivering drop in sessions

    Many library and information workers deliver drop-in sessions to their colleagues and service users. Frequently, you do not know the topic of the session until you are faced with it.

  • School librarian's role in defeating plagiarism

    Many students believe that merely copying and pasting work is research. How important is it for students to understand how to use citations and to reference properly while at school? How can the school librarian prepare them for the academic rigour expected at university level?

  • Supporting international students in HE

    International students come to study in the United Kingdom from across the world and they arrive with a range of expectations. Many of these students have studied in educational systems that are based on different approaches to learning and teaching than those commonly used in United Kingdom universities. Consequently, international students may require specialist support to enable them to adopt the academic skills required in higher education in the United Kingdom.

  • Supporting the research student

    Universities have developed a wide range of doctoral programmes from the traditional PhD through to professional doctorates such as the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration). The development of research skills in both research students and early career researchers is often high on the agenda of individual universities.

    Research students have a wide range of academic needs which often requires the help and support from librarians and information professionals.

  • Teaching large groups

    Increasingly library and information workers are involved in delivering training sessions to large groups. Some people find this a daunting prospect. The aim of this one-day programme is to equip individuals with practical approaches to designing and delivering effective large group sessions including the use of interactive activities.

  • Using innovative methods in training

    The landscape of learning and teaching is rapidly changing. There is an extensive range of web-based resources as well as paper-based techniques that may be used to enhance training sessions.

  • Working with teachers in secondary schools

    This programme will enable participants to learn how to collaborate with their teaching colleagues and gain their trust so that library staff and the school library are used as valued curriculum support.