Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups provide CILIP members with access to events, training and other networking and CPD opportunities within a shared area of professional interest.  

For even greater involvement you can join the committee itself and play a part in how they operate – just get in touch to see if they have vacancies. Members can change their Group membership or join additional groups (£10 per group) at any time by contacting the membership team.

  • CILIP Academic and Research Libraries Group logo

    Academic and Research Libraries Group

    The Academic and Research Libraries Group (ARLG) aims to provide a focus and forum for the professional concerns and interests of everyone working in academic or research libraries, linking those with current and emerging issues and developments and the overall direction of CILIP’s corporate plan.

  • CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group logo

    Cataloguing and Indexing Group

    Cataloguing and Indexing Group is a forum for CILIP members interested in the organisation of knowledge to enable resource discovery and collection management.

    The group promotes best practice, contributes to the development of metadata, national and international standards and formats and provides opportunities for learning and professional development. CIG members are active in all areas of library and information science and the publishing sector.

  • CILIP Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group logo

    Commercial, Legal and Scientific Information Group

    The Commercial, Legal & Scientific Information Group (CLSIG) supports and promotes the professional interests of members in commercial, legal and scientific workplace libraries & information services.

    This is facilitated by providing professional development training, networking opportunities for members, and representing their interests within CILIP and the wider information community.

  • CILIP Community, Diversity and Equality Group logo

    Community, Diversity and Equality Group

    The Community, Diversity and Equality Group believes that libraries transform lives.

    We want to develop a diverse library and information workforce that supports communities to achieve sustainable needs-based services.

  • CILIP Government Information Group logo

    Government Information Group

    The Government Information Group represents the professional interests of Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) specialists working in government departments and agencies, parliamentary and national libraries. Our members work in a wide variety of core KIM roles, such as Record Managers, Information Managers, Librarians, Knowledge Managers, Record Reviewers, Information Retrieval Specialists, Taxonomy Specialists, Information Architects  and Information Rights officers.

  • Health Libraries Group

    HLG is a UK based network of individuals working in or professionally interested in health and social care information. Our strength is our diverse and active membership covering all health and social sectors, and geographical areas in the UK. Members work for the health service, the academic sector, the independent sector, government departments, professional associations, charities and public libraries. Students with an interest in health and social care information are also welcome.

  • Information Literacy Group logo

    Information Literacy Group

    A CILIP Special Interest Group which encourages debate and the exchange of knowledge in all aspects of Information Literacy.


  • Information Services Group

    Information Services Group

    The Information Services Group (ISG) supports Members' interests in the provision of information services to improve the effectiveness of information provision to all sectors of society.

  • International Library and Information Group

    The International Library and Information Group's special interest is the international aspect of librarianship and information provision.

    As a result we have members in the UK and all over the world.

    Watch our videos on YouTube.

  • Knowledge and Information Management Group

    The Knowledge & Information Management Specialist Interest Group is a UK based network of individuals who are working in or interested in Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM).

  • CILIP Library and Information History Group logo

    Library and Information History Group

    The Library and Information History Group (LIHG) was formed in 1962. It is one of the Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professional's oldest special interest groups and is the only group in the UK specifically devoted to the history of libraries and librarianship.

  • CILIP Library and Information Research Group logo

    Library and Information Research Group

    The Library and Information Research Group (LIRG) promotes the value of information research and links research with practice.

    The group was formed in 1977 to bring together those interested in library and information research.

    In April 2003 LIRG became a Special Interest Group of CILIP.


  • Local Studies Group

    Local Studies Group

    We support people working in local studies librarianship by promoting standards, lobbying, discussing matters of interest in The Local Studies Librarian and in our electronic newsletter, holding meetings, workshops and conferences through our regional network.

  • Multimedia Information and Technology Group

    Multimedia Information and Technology Group

    The MmIT group aims to unite CILIP members engaged, in, or interested in, multimedia information and technology developments in library and information science. The group is concerned with the organisation, delivery and exploration of information through modern media including graphic forms, video and web based application.

    Our quarterly publication, Multimedia Information and Technology journal, is a central feature of our activities and is supported by our newsblog. 

  • Patent and Trademark Group

    The Patent and Trade Mark Group (PATMG) is a Special Interest Group of CILIP, whose members are Information Professionals specialising in patent and trade mark information, although you do not need to be a member of CILIP to join us. We hold lectures, meetings and discussions to share expertise on patent and trademark searching and analysis. We are based in the UK, but are open to members anywhere in the world.

  • Prison Libraries Group logo

    Prison Libraries Group

    The Prison Libraries Group serves the interest of all members concerned with the provision of library services to prison communities. The Group is committed to improving the quality of the service whilst raising the profile of prison libraries.

  • Public and Mobile Libraries Group

    The Public and Mobile Libraries Group exists to provide information, training, development and networking opportunities to all levels of staff working in public and mobile libraries and to act as advocates for public library services. 

    So it is for absolutely anyone whose library service is either public or mobile.

  • Publicity and Public Relations Group

    Publicity and Public Relations Group

    Libraries need to actively communicate and demonstrate their value, now more than ever, to current and potential users as well as key stakeholders.

    The PPRG are committed to promoting marketing excellence, introducing new techniques and theories, and sharing best practice amongst our membership. Our interests cover the marketing and promotion of library services, creating user engagement, implementing effective communication strategies and developing dialogue with customers.

  • Rare Books and Special Collections Group

    The Rare Books and Special Collections Group unites librarians responsible for collections of rare books, manuscripts and special materials, with other interested individuals. The group promotes the study and exploitation of rare books, encourages awareness of preservation, conservation and digitisation issues, and fosters training opportunities related to the maintenance, display and use of collections.

  • Retired Members Group

    The Retired Members Group enables retired library and information workers, at home and abroad, to keep in touch with each other, participate in activities and assist CILIP in promoting library and information services.

  • School Libraries Group

    We offer help and support to members and hold a conference every two years which provides a forum for discussion and debate on current issues in school librarianship. We hold regional training courses on a wide range of topics concerned with school librarianship and campaign in support of school libraries, school librarians and Schools Library Services (SLSs).


    UK eInformation Group

    UKeiG is a respected and well-established forum for all information professionals, users and developers of electronic information resources. We promote and advance the effective exploitation and management of electronic information and offer a wide range of resources including seminars and workshops. Access is also available to our e-journal eLucidate, our Publications and our popular series of Factsheets.

  • Youth Libraries Group logo

    Youth Libraries Group

    The Youth Libraries Group is the organisation of choice for librarians, information professionals and all those working with or interested in children's and young people's books, reading development, the promotion of libraries and reading for pleasure.

    Our members come from a wide range of workplaces - public libraries, schools, school library services, colleges, universities and early years settings. We also welcome and have many student, non-working and international members.